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ONGAGEMENT provides end-to-end loyalty technology with a powerful gamification engine that enables fast implementation and easy management. All user experience is aligned between multiple interfaces (website; widget; chatbot; app iOS & android) and a single one API interconnect everything. You can take control of your loyalty program using the clients platform anytime anywhere. Your brand receives remote consultancy about how to achieve better results with your program and the user experience support is provided by us in the native loyalty program language.

Your loyalty program can benefit from more than 20 diferent types of gamification dynamics and combinations like: photo and video submissions; offer codes; winning moments; member get member; invoice recognition; quiz and other interative solutions. Evertything you need to create social, transactional and emotional engagement.

Our technology and user support is available in 12 languages: english; french; german; italian; portuguese; spanish; danish; norwegian; swedish; dutch; greek; turkish; czech and polish.

Most of ONGAGEMENT’s customers are understandably very sensitive to issues of privacy and security, as their customer communications often contain personal identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, emails, etc. We provide several layers of effective security and privacy mechanisms, including an semi-anonymization process that removes these data from content before it enters our audiences pipeline, replacing them immediately before delivery. ONGAGEMENT is fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR, and any customer may request signed agreements called Model Clauses or DPA (Data Protection Agreements) for assurance that their data is being safely processed.

Yes, it works. We have several cases of companies that run loyalty programs for different purposes such as engaging B2B clients, empower resellers and sales teams performance, training or just to collect audience insights. 

Our technology is very flexible and can be customized for most part of business sector and fields. Every time we receive a very specific briefing we carefully analyze the needs and show you the proper solution. However, sometimes your business requirements can’t match with our software development pipeline and our better answer is to develop on-premise technology fully customized to your needs.

We are constantly studying the user experience of all interfaces we provide, such as users website, widget, chatbot, app iOS and android. This means that we are updating it for a better UX response and all of our clients benefit from the collective experience with ONGAGEMENT. You can align the interfaces with your brand identity changing colors, images and texts, but the basic interface structure remains the same. However, you could require us a quote to implement a totally customized interface integrated with the ONGAGEMENT API.

These is the advantage of operating from Lisbon, Portugal. We easily recruit native speakers of the 12 languages we support in the cosmopolitan city of Lisbon, so our team is ready to give the right answer at the local loyalty program language. Our users support team is responsible to: answer UX help requests such as login or participation issues; manual participations validation when applicable; intermediate operational questions related to prizes delivery or other questions. All these interactions are written by email, sms and/or in the user interface specific are for tickets management. We don’t establish users support by phone.  

The ONGAGEMENT API is integrated with Zapier to move info between web apps automatically or to feed your CRM (Salesforce; Microsoft Dynamics; Sugar and others). Additionally we support webhooks and implement payload custom webhooks. You can request API documentation to help you integrate with us. 

Our main focus is to develop flexible, updated and reliable loyalty & gamification technology and we provide you strategic advisory and users experience support. However, your loyalty program needs a storytelling, regular creative content production for users engagement through automated messages (sms; email; push) or to attract new users via other media channels. This means we cooperate with every market players from creative to media agencies, as an independent company.