World Cup 2014 in Brazil, an event that units the world and great opportunity to engage ASUS fans during this tournament.
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ASUS - In search of incredible

ASUS is a worldwide leading company, principally engaged in the computers market, communications and electronic consumer C (3C) solutions.

Offering laptops, motherboards, personal computers (PCs), broadband products, graphics cards, three-dimension graphics display cards, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, mobile phones, pocket PCs, server motherboards, server systems, computer accessories and peripherals.

Application concept
We developed an online game to ASUS in order to engage fans and to communicate the new product: ASUS TF100. Every player started the game (based on World Cup results) with 8 points to use in the same number of "bets". When the user won a "bet", he kept the point and went for next phase until the final, where the faster users who guessed the winner receive an ASUS TF100.
Step by Step
Cross platform
Having in mind the growing number of internet users on mobile devices, is essential that nowadays any site or application is cross platform. This can determine the success or failure of any digital project.
So we made this applications available in desktop and mobile devices.